Hand painted watercolour personalised cookies


Whats a more perfect gift than personalised cookies? 

Embossed your personal message on handpainted watercolour fondant and paired with buttery shortbread cookies. 


 Comes in box of 12 and box of 24.

For other quantities (Minimum 15), please contact us at 83182392 for more details. 


  • Please write message/name to be embossed on the note box provided. (Max 16 letters) 
    For individual name cookies, you can inform us of the names on a later date. 
  • Note that watercolour effect will be of the same colours shown in the picture. If you have other colours in mind, please inform us in the note box provided (Max 3 colours).
  • Ribbon colours available : 
    Blush pink // Baby blue // Pastel purple // Minty Green // Gold // Silver // Ivory
    Please let us know your desired colour in the note box provided. Otherwise we will select a colour that best suit your design/theme. 
  • Do note that there may be slight colour differences and not 100% identical to the photo as shown as they are all hand crafted. 

Delivery & Collection

  • For details on delivery / self collection, please click here.

Cookie Care & Storage

  • Sealed cookies can last up to 3 weeks. Please keep them in a cool environment and avoid placing in hot places or in the fridge as this will cause the fondant to melt. 
  • If you have chosen "no packaging" and only plan to serve the cookies days later, please inform us in the note box provided and we will help you seal all the cookies together in a bag before placing in the box.