Candles and Cake Toppers

Our selection of pretty candles and cake toppers to make your cake extra special
32 results
Metallic Gold Long Candle
Number 9 Sparkler Candle
Number 8 Sparkler Candle
Number 7 Sparkler Candle
Number 5 Sparkler Candle
Number 3 Sparkler Candle
Number 2 Sparkler Candle
Number 0 Sparkler Candle
Iridescent Round Birthday Topper , laser cut words
Light Blue Happy Birthday Topper
Iridescent Birthday Flag Topper
Gold glittered happy birthday cake topper
Acrylic gold "shou" longevity cake topper
Black happy birthday acrylic cake topper
Soft pink happy birthday acrylic cake topper
Iridescent Happy birthday acrylic cake topper
Rose gold happy birthday acrylic topper
Gold Acrylic Happy Birthday Cake Topper
Fairytale Castle Happy Birthday Topper in Rose Gold
Gold Happy Birthday Flag Topper
Black happy birthday calligraphy topper
Rose gold happy birthday calligraphy cake topper
Gold Happy Birthday Calligraphy Topper
White Hexagon shaped Happy Birthday Cake Topper
Transparent Hexagon Shaped Happy Birthday Topper
Transparent heart shaped Happy Birthday Topper
Silver Long Candle
Champagne Long Candle
Rose Gold Long Candle