Cake Care


  1. For all fresh cream cakes: Please refrigerate until just before serving.
  2. For Buttercream cakes: 

    1. Please take the cake out at least 1 hour before cake cutting to ensure a soft and fluffy cake. Do let the cake defrost in the cake box itself in the event 
    2. where you have to defrost the cake in a non-air con room. Our buttercream cakes taste best at room temperature. 
    3. The cake can be left in a cold air-con room for up to 4 hours (dependent on ambient room temperature). Any longer will require refrigeration of the cake.

  3. All our cakes are delivered cold and straight out from the fridge. So do factor in the time of your event accordingly for the cake collection/delivery accordingly. 

  4. It is the customer’s responsibility to check whether the venue has proper storage available for the cake. If you need extra information with regards to the dimensions of the box or any other details to ensure proper cake storage, please do contact us for assistance. Ethereal Bakes will not be responsible if the venue does not have proper conditions for the storage of the cake or any damages that may occur due to that. 

  5. Please remove any fondant figurines and leave them in an air con room before refrigerating the cake. You may place them back on once the cake is out from the fridge. 

  6. A standard set containing 1 candle and a cake knife will be provided with every cake purchase. 


  1. Our desserts are best eaten cold, but can be left in an aircon room for up to 3 hours. 
    With the exception of:

    Tiramisu: Best eaten straight out of the fridge.

    Cookies: To be kept air tight and at room temperature.