Hand painted Lion king Cupcakes


Our signature cupcakes topped with handpainted Lion king fondant pieces.

Perfect for a lion king themed party! 


These designs are available as sugar cookies as well. Please click here for more details. 

Silhouette designs: 

  • Simba on rock
  • Pumba
  • Baby Simba
  • Rafiki (Baboon)
  • Nala
  • Age with crown
  • Tree
  • Sitting baby Simba


  • Box of 6 (3 silhouette designs)
  • Box of 12 (4 silhouette designs)
  • Box of 24 (8 silhouette designs)

Please choose the designs accordingly and let us know in the note box provided.

For bigger quantities, please contact us at 83182392 for more details.


  • Do note that there may be slight colour differences and not 100% identical to the photo as shown as they are all hand painted. 

Delivery & Collection

  • For details on delivery / self collection, please click here.

Cupcake Care & Storage

  • As this product contains fondant pieces, if refrigerating, please take them out and defrost in the box itself to return it to room temperature first before displaying/consuming. If not, the sudden change in ambient temperature might cause the fondant to sweat, causing the paint to bleed.  
  • If you need have any questions with regards to storage, please do contact us.